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Teen Book Review Blogs You Should Follow

Book reviews are good. YA book reviews are great. YA book reviews by teens are fan-freaking-tastic.

Seriously – for those of us writing in the Young Adult genre, who better to give us feedback on what works, why, and why not than Young Adults themselves?

And these particular Young Adults are some of the most thoughtful, well-spoken out there. Their reviews are intelligent, sometimes snarky, and always honest.

Go forth. Read. Comment. Subscribe. Spread the YA love.

B.A.M. Book Reviews

Who they are: Our names are Briana, Arielle and Marisa and we're friends that love to read and discuss books. We're all teenagers and we'll mostly review YA books but there will be some variety now and then. You know, Classics and some popular Adult Fiction. If you have any requests just let us know and we'll consider them.

Sample Review: "One reason I do like her is for the simple fact that she is strong and brave. Her determination throughout the book is fantastic. Most times, I find female characters to be weak, vulnerable and boring in books so it was nice to go through this marvelous journey with her."

Bloody Bookaholic

Who she is: Taschima is my bookworm alter ego. My true name is Natascha, but don't repeat it, people might start calling me that. As most of you know I am an avid reader with a burning passion for the world of literature. I think of books as an escape route out of this reality, a world you create were you can just forget about your problems and be free.

Sample Review: "When I saw the title I thought 'cheesy', and kind of the same with the cover. Hey, I'm not proud. But this book surprised me a lot! I just loved it by the end. Even though I thought some things could go better, it has a story that gets you hooked... and the romance was hot."

The Book Pixie

Who she is: Hello all! My name is Briana and I live in the beautiful state of Georgia. I am a homeschooled junior who loves reading and photography. After I graduate I plan to go to college to study veterinary medicine, enviornmental science, and photography. Most importantly though, I want to be happy. I don’t really mind if all my other plans don’t work out as long as I’m happy.

Sample Review: "I loved watching him change throughout the book as he grew to be a more caring character and when he started opening himself up to others, it felt as though he was opening himself up to me as well. I absolutely loved him and have never come across a more dynamic character."

The Book Scout

Who She Is: My name is Kelsey. I'm a high school student and I love reading. A few years ago I discovered the YA section at Barnes and Noble, and haven't left since. (: I would love to accept any YA books for review, and bloggers, I'd love to trade!

Sample Review: "This underlying message was important and one that will make all high school students rethink their dreams and what they really want to do with their life. It’s important for school to be important in your life, but it also can’t control it. Friends and family should have just as big a role."

Books at Midnight

Who She Is: Hi, my name is Jenn, and I'm a high school sophmore that's part bookworm, occasionally an artist, and full time procrastinator. I love reading historical fiction, fantasy, realistic fiction, and paranormal romance, but I'm always open to a good book.

Sample Review: "The dialogue is spot-on, complete with innuendos and endearing love confessions, the characters' thoughts seem entirely plausible, and there is a clear progression from fear and contempt to true love. I still can't fully express how much I loved the characters, but what I can express is how amazing it is to not read another story where the characters fall in love so quickly to the extent that it feels like they "pretend" to hate each other."

In Which a Girl Reads

Who She Is: My name is Meagan. I'm an avid reader and daydreamer, and occasionally an aspiring writer. Someday, I'd like to live in a crumbling castle and travel around the world. Until that improbable future, I'm content to blog :)

Sample Review: "The pages fly by in a haze of one terrifying event after another: the four teens turn into hopeless addicts, characterized by a lack of reasoning and gross dependency on drugs to survive. While the characters convince themselves that they're happy, readers will be afforded a more clear-cut view of their lives which prove to be little more than a series of bad decisions."

Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf

Who She Is: My name is Lauren. I’m a high school student from a tiny/slightly boring town in the mountains of Pennsylvania. I love to read, hence the reason why I blog at Lauren’s Crammed Bookshelf and have a gazillion books in my house. :)

Sample Review: "The whole premise was intriguing and fully original. I mean faires and characters falling in love with a person locked in an automaton? How could you go wrong? Plus, the writing was up to par. My only complaint? I felt the ending could have tied things up a bit better. Though, maybe that lack of tying things up means a sequel is coming soon."

Lost in Ink

Who She Is: My name is Staysi. I'm a sophomore in high school with an addiction to books. I read just about anything, but my favorites are Young Adult novels and the classics. I also love music, and that along with reading makes a great combination for a blog :)

Sample Review: "This novel really opened my eyes to many possibilites. First, the possibilty that anything can happen in a mere second. That one thing leads to another which leads to another and another... everything in life is connected. Everything has its consequences and a simple mistake can be worth a lot. And second, that maybe the heart is much more than an organ that keeps us alive. That maybe there are so many things in our lives, in our minds, that we simply don't understand, that we can't understand, and that's alright."

Opinionated? Me?

Who She Is: I am Danielle. I have a blog, in which I discuss books. I'm also a fairly unproductive teenager. I used to have a much longer profile.

Sample Review: "The one issue I had with it was how damn short it was. The ingredients are all there--awesome characters, interesting plot, different-yet-familiar world, lovely prose--but then it just feels as though it stops when it should go on, moves forward when it should dwell a bit longer. I wanted to know more about this world that I have hardly had a chance to explore, these characters that could be so fucking amazing if only I could just get a couple more paragraphs."

Zoe's Book Reviews

Who She Is: My name is Zoe. I am basically a teen who is in love with reading. It is my escape. I also love writing music and writing in general.

Sample Review: "To me, he was stereotypical in the sense that he was the "perfect guy". But he also reels you into the story. For once I would love to read a book where the main guy love interest wasn't perceived as some magnificent person."

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  10. I also review YA books. Great post! Now I have more ideas of what to read!

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